Dallas, Texas — October 2011.  Learn why leading mortgage finance experts believe this product will play an instrumental role in the future of housing finance.

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“Lease-To-Own is the next big thing for the Titans of Wall Street”
Chris Whalen, Institutional Risk Analytics New York.

“Lease-To-Own and other creative solutions will get the market moving again.”
Wall Street Journal, Future of Finance Forum

“It’s going to be big.”
Jay Varner, President, Quicken Loans

“It’s the new way to buy and sell homes.”
Moodys Investor Service

You can easily double your sales and get paid today for creating clients from rejected borrowers.  Think about how many people your lender partners who have denied mortgages because credit score is 570, 580, 590…plenty. Those buyers typically qualify for the Lease-to-Own transaction.

Think about your listings.  How many of your sellers would be eager to receive a full price offer?  No haggling.  Would those sellers agree to a temporary lease in front of the purchase contract – all rental income guaranteed?

How would you like to receive pre-qualified leads from our thousands of eager renters wanting to buy homes from you?

Agent is paid three times:

First month’s lease
Monthly residual income during lease term
Customary realtor commissions at close

· How to differentiate yourself in your market.
· How to create leads from people banks won’t accept


LTO Road Tour

DALLAS —   We’ve added over 500 new agents in 35 cities to bring our exciting new homeownership program to the market place.   That’s an LTO representative for an additional 5,500 zip codes around the country!

We also completed our strategy to develop a national sales footprint by adding thirteen Regional Managers to our field roster in the fourth quarter 2010.

Ed DeShields, Founder and President of CE said, “This expansion gives us several competitive advantages.  First, we’re first-to-market as a market maker in LTO and the first to innovate in Lease-To-Own real estate transactions with features like guaranteed rent.  We’re the first national player in our field and the only company capable of providing an LTO strategy for the large actors in the retail and investor-based real estate business with local, and personal service.

By adding new Regional Managers, CE’s strategy of building a highly a trained agent sales force is working well.  All the company’s metrics are up; listings, sales, consumer leads and newly certified agents is growing exponentially.

The LTO Certification is an extensive training course for the LTO transaction and provides education on how the program is executed, its market and how consumers will benefit by purchasing a home, avoiding a short-sale or provide for a dignified exit for struggling home owners.

Agents can sign up for LTO Certification by contacting Community Empower at 800.362.6101.

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The Wall Street Journal recently asked the world’s top economists to provide suggestions as to how to restructure the economy.  The results were published in the Future of Finance Forum. 

Top among the suggestions at #20 was “rent-to-own financing of homes” where consumers would be able to earn homeownership by merely renting.   Moody’s Investor Service also called Leasing to own the new way home buyers will begin the home purchasing process. 

The WSJ economists felt Leasing-To-Own would lead to housing stability and dramatically reduce loan defaults and subsequent foreclosure levels.

many for sale signs

It’s no secret that the current housing crisis is making the purchase or sale of a home a real challenge.  There are several reasons why.  First, fewer than one-tenth of the number of purchase loans were granted this year vs. last year.   Second, the standards for qualifying for a loan are stiff.   Thus, housing prices are adjusting downward and the number of days a home will sit on the market is increasing.   One thing is for sure. Continue Reading »

December 4, 2009.  San Antonio, Texas — Mayo Properties and Community Empower have added South Texas geographical coverage for Community Empower’s Lease-To-Own Program.    Bryan Mayo,  Mayo President said, “the Mayo / Community Empower infrastructure lends itself well to the Lease-To-Own program so we’re expanding our services to include it immediately.”

Mayo Properties provide property management, construction and make-ready services to the Community Empower Lease-To-Own Program.

November 14, 2009 – Nashville, TN — As home prices reach bottom the housing crisis gets very personal for millions of upside-down home sellers. Not every seller can wait for prices to rise to recapture their lost equity. Life must go on. If you’re like 14% of upside-down sellers who aren’t willing to walk on the lender you’ll do what you have to do; cut the costs of selling your home and maximize your listing price as a do-it-yourself home seller or FSBO (for sale by owner). Continue Reading »

September 26, 2009 — DALLAS. Community Empower is ramping up to provide a system-wide free lead campaign which includes setting appointments for Lease-To-Own qualified agents. CE’s Ft. Worth, Texas call center is setting hundreds of appointments so participating brokers can introduce the program to prospective clients. To learn more about the program contact Community Empower at 800-362-6101. To see a campaign flyer, click Free lead promotion


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